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Car Deals

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Car Deals

By Paul Rogers

I am the biggest bargain hunter you will ever meet. I have friends who insist on taking me shopping with them whenever they are about to make a major purchase. I have a passion for car shopping. I see that there is a sale going on with some excellent car deals and I'm making a list of things that are wrong with my current vehicle. I look over that list and decide that it just may be worthwhile to check out the current car deals that are available. It never matters that I may have a vehicle that is virtually brand new. There's always a better deal to be found. And if there is, I intend to find it.

I can't even tell you how many new vehicles I've owned since turning sixteen. I've never not had a car payment to pay every month. Considering the amount of competition there is right now between all of the different makes and models of vehicles out there, it's easy to find some great car deals. Whether the dealership is offering a private sale or the company is offering special pricing or rebates, saving thousands of dollars is never a bad concept. I've often wondered about how great a deal you're actually getting when the company announces employee pricing or 0% financing.

I've read the fine print on those car deals and for the most part they are a bargain. What has always bothered me is when they spend so much time announcing rebates and 0% financing that they have you convinced that you can take advantage of both offerings. Once they have you baited and you've fallen in love with that dream vehicle, they tell you that you can take advantage of the rebate or the financing. But, you can't have both.

Suddenly, you're in love with this vehicle and you are looking at higher payments than what you were planning on. Do you sign on the dotted line? Most people do. Or, you can continue to bargain until you get a better deal. That's what I do. Read the fine print on those amazing car deals before you take that test drive. Convince your salesman that you have done some shopping around and know exactly what you can and cannot afford. Know your budget and stick to it. Many times, if they know your price range, they may bend over backwards to get you that bargain since they know you just might be giving them a fatter commission check.

Realize that some of those car deals that are tempting you with their price offerings really might be the absolute best deal you will find. Do your research first. Know what your trade-in is worth. See what other car deals are out there. Be well informed before you start your bargain hunting. Then, you'll be able to sign on that dotted line and drive out of that lot in your dream car.

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Car Deals
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