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Japanese Car Auctions

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Japanese Car Auctions

By Paul Rogers (

If you are looking for a high quality car at a pretty low price, you should try Japanese car auctions. The popularity of Japanese cars means that there are many ways to get them, and if you are open to trying alternatives to the traditional trip to the car lot, you should be able to combine the legendary quality that they offer with quite reasonable rates that will leave you surprised at the deal that you get. There are many Japanese car auctions all over the world, and it is likely that, if they are not held in the city in which you live, they are most certainly held in the nearest large city, or nearby.

There are different kinds of Japanese car auctions that you can try. The one I did worked over the internet. It was actually a pretty simple system. The way that it worked was that, after signing up for an account, I was hooked up to Japanese car auctions all over the world. I could bid on cars, see all of the relevant information about them, and even pick out custom features like sunroofs and power steering.

Once I had succeeded in buying my choice of cars from a Japanese car auction, it was then shipped to my “port of choice”, as they put it. In this case, that was Oakland, California. By the time I had picked it up from the warehouse, I had saved something like 3,000 dollars over the price that I would have paid to buy the same car locally. All in all, not too bad a deal, if you are willing to wait for a few months.

Of course, the more common form of Japanese car auctions deal with all sorts of cars. You can go to police auctions, sales by the IRS, or even by private financial corporations. The way it works is that cars, seized from people who were either convicted of a crime, fell behind on some sort of payment schedule, are resold by the government or private financial industries.

You can get cars at these sales for a fraction of the price of the kind of Japanese car auctions I was talking about, but of course there is a trade off. Because they are cars that have been seized, you do not get to find out anything about the state of the car, or what damage might have been done to it before the sale.

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Japanese Car Auctions
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