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Antique Autos

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Antique Autos

By: Aron Russell

Many people love antique autos. There just seems to be something interesting about seeing how people got around in the past. If you are an enthusiast of antique autos, you know the thrill of seeing one drive by you on the road.  

Many people who love antique autos do not have enough money to purchase one, let alone an entire collection. The best thing to do in this situation is to find a place where you can view them for a small fee, or even completely free.

The first place to find a collection of antique autos is in a car museum. Going to your favorite search engine and typing in “antique car museum” or “museum of antique autos” is a good way to start. Sometimes there may be a museum of antique autos in or around your area and you may not even know it. If that is not the case, then you may have to drive a long way to find a museum.

If there is no museum of antique autos in your area—of if you are unwilling to travel that far—there are many areas that have annual car shows. Collectors of antique autos get together with other collectors to show off there prized possessions: their antique, or highly completely restored, cars.  

Often, the public can get in for a fee, but if the show is in a small town it may even be free. Sometimes there are cars for sale, or a raffle or drawing you can enter to win a car. If you do not already know whether or not your area has a showing of antique autos, then you could call your chamber of commerce. Towns and cities of different sizes have car shows.  

There are two ways they work: people with old cars are invited to participate, or people who meet the requirements sign up to participate in the showing. Often, the smaller the show, the less the fee, but that may not be the same in your area.

If just viewing antique autos isn’t enough for you, you might want to jump into the collector’s ring and purchase one yourself. Granted that a completely restored antique car will cost a pretty penny, you can pick up one that needs work for much less.

Investing your own time and money into an antique car can be a perfect hobby. The greatest reward that you will receive when you take on the task of fixing up an antique auto is the knowledge that you have helped bring history back to life.  

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Antique Autos
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