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Accident Insurance

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Accident Insurance

By Paul Rogers (

Most of us who live and work in the world today probably have some sort of accident insurance. While some of us are surely aware of it, most of us may not even realize that we have something called accident insurance. And if there are any of us who know they don’t have accident insurance, now is the time to take up a policy or plan from an insurance service provider!

But what exactly is accident insurance and why is it necessary? Let us attempt to answer those questions in a logical manner. Accident insurance is an insurance policy that an individual or organization takes in order to cover themselves and their employees in the event of a calamity like an accident. Let us take an example. John is a worker in the highly technical field of tooling and machine parts making.

While he frequently works with high precision tools, the very nature of his job indicates that he is in a high risk category. What this means in plain terms is that no matter how safely he works and how safe the working environment is, there is always a possibility that an accident can occur. And accident insurance is meant specifically to cater to such an eventuality.

Accident insurance will not only cover John’s hospitalization expenses, but if he happens to be the sole breadwinner for the family, will also provide his family members with a means of income to last them throughout the period of his downtime. If he is lying in bed recovering from a work related accident, John obviously cannot work and bring home the money. But this does not mean that his family has to starve. Accident insurance will provide them with the means to carry on while John recovers.

And by enrolling in an accident insurance plan that covers all their employees, the employer too is spared of the burden of footing big bills and emergency payments. So, does this mean that the insurance company suffers in the short and long term? Not really. You see, enrolling in an accident insurance plan means that the company or the insured individual pays a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual premium to the company.

This is either a fixed amount or a variable amount based on the kind of accident insurance plan chosen. If all is well and nothing happens, the company keeps the premium. But if something unfortunate should happen, the company may make a payout on one premium. The law of averages ensures that not all policy holders will have accidents at the same time or even once during their coverage. It is an educated risk that the insurance company takes.

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Accident Insurance
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