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GMAC Insurance Reveals Ways for Drivers to Cut Costs on the Road

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This Fourth of July, as more people embrace the notion of a "staycation" over their typical holiday travels, GMAC Insurance offers ways for people to cut back even more on their transportation costs. The company reveals five tips to reduce the financial strain of driving and offers OnStar subscribers a Low-Mileage Discount program as well. What's more, GMAC Insurance invites drivers to compare their transportation usage to that of the typical workday commuter at

As gas prices continue to rise, drivers are thinking twice before taking to the road in order to save money. As another way to reduce costs, GMAC Insurance offers a Low-Mileage Discount to OnStar subscribers in 34 states, where those who drive less, pay less on their auto insurance. This opt-in program is the first of its kind leveraging state-of-the-art technology using OnStar to allow customers who drive fewer miles to benefit from substantial savings. Eligible active OnStar subscribers simply sign up to save on their premiums if they drive less than 15,000 miles annually. Subscribers who drive even less than that can save even more (up to 54%).

Under the program, new GMAC Insurance customers receive an initial insurance discount of approximately 26 percent(1) upon enrollment (existing OnStar customers receive a discount based on historical mileage). With the subscriber's permission, the odometer reading from his or her monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics email is forwarded to GMAC Insurance. Based on those readings, the company will adjust the premium using discount tiers corresponding to miles driven. Information sent from OnStar to GMAC Insurance pertains solely to mileage, and no additional data is gathered or used for any purpose other than to help manage transportation costs. Customers who drive more than 15,000 miles per year are not penalized. In fact, all OnStar customers receive an insurance discount simply for having an active OnStar subscription.

"Rising gas prices have become a serious issue in this country over the past year, and it is clear that drivers are cutting back," said John O'Donnell, vice president, business development, GMAC Insurance. "The Low-Mileage Discount program allows them an additional financial break if this is the case. We want our customers to be aware of anything they can do to save on transportation costs."

"The Low-Mileage Discount program is another example of how OnStar brings added value to drivers in GM vehicles," said Tony DiSalle, OnStar vice president, sales, service and marketing. "Using the technology behind OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics allows us to verify the actual mileage of a driver, and in turn provide a unique money-saving benefit to OnStar subscribers who drive less. In addition to the safety, security and convenience services we offer, we're helping our subscribers reduce their transportation costs."

How Does Your Transportation Cost Compare?

Are you a daily driving commuter, or do you rarely use your vehicle? GMAC Insurance invites drivers to visit to see where their transportation usage falls compared to the average driver. Answer just three easy questions about your driving habits to see how you measure up. The comparisons will be calculated from Department of Transportation statistics on regional average gas prices (updated weekly) and the average miles driven per vehicle type (includes average fuel efficiencies). Then, weigh in with the online poll on whether or not the number of miles you drive should affect your insurance premiums.

Easy Money: Five Ways to Cut Down on Transportation Costs

As another way to help keep your driving costs down, GMAC Insurance offers these five tips:

1. Maintain your vehicle. Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance can significantly reduce the cost of future repairs. And if you do the maintenance yourself, such as changing your own oil, you can save even more. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics will tell you exactly when you need to change your oil, eliminating unnecessary oil changes.

2. Keep your engine tuned and your tires inflated. Don't make your car work harder than it has to. A smooth-running engine will increase your vehicle's miles per gallon. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics runs monthly checks of your vehicle's key operating systems and tire pressure.

3. Clean out your car. If you remove excess clutter from your vehicle, you can increase your vehicle's miles per gallon by reducing your vehicle's weight. However, make sure to leave the essentials, such as your emergency safety kit.

4. Easy on the gas pedal. If you accelerate hard at green lights and when traffic lets up, you might want to think twice. Easing off the gas pedal can increase your vehicle's gas mileage.

5. Plan your trips. If you can consolidate all the errands you need to run into one trip, you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the road, and therefore, the amount of gas you use.

For more information on the Low-Mileage Discount Program, call (877) 469-5619 or visit

The GMAC Insurance Group is one of the largest automobile insurers in the United States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMAC Financial Services. GMAC Insurance Personal Lines offers a variety of property and casualty products, including personal auto, RV, motorcycle, commercial auto and homeowners insurance. With a nationwide network of claims professionals, local independent agents and a 24-hour, toll-free claims hotline available 365 days a year, GMAC Insurance provides superior claims service for its customers.

About OnStar by GM
OnStar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors, is the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and communication services. OnStar is available on more than 50 MY 2009 GM models. OnStar is standard for one year on nearly all new GM retail vehicles in the United States and Canada. OnStar provides services to more than 5 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. OnStar ranked at the top of the latest Consumer Telematics Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research in 2008. More information about OnStar can be found at

About OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics
OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is a service available only from GM, which runs automatic checks on the vehicle's key operating systems and sends an easy-to-read email directly to the owner every month.

1. Average total savings include the Low-Mileage Discount and the OnStar Anti-Theft Discount combined. The Low Mileage Discount provides savings across most coverages of vehicle policy. The OnStar Subscriber Discount provides savings off the Bodily Injury, Comprehensive and Property Damage coverages of the vehicle policy. Drivers who average fewer than 5,000 miles per year may receive more than 35 percent in savings. Assumes even distribution of premium coverages. Discounts across coverages will vary by mileage tier. Must have an eligible OnStar-equipped vehicle delivered after 4/21/04. OVD required. Not available in all states.

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GMAC Insurance Reveals Ways for Drivers to Cut Costs on the Road
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