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D.C. Drivers Help Electric Vehicles Become a Reality

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Local drivers participate in "Project Driveway" - an innovative market test that is influencing Chevrolet's efforts to eliminate petroleum use and CO2 emissions

At the Shell station on Benning Road Northeast, General Motors President and Chief Operating Officer, Fritz Henderson, today presented the keys to the area's first motorists to be selected to test drive away in advanced technology hydrogen fuel cell powered Chevrolet Equinox electric vehicles. Identified at the 2008 Washington Auto Show, Tom Albert of Alexandria, Va., and Nick Williams of Washington D.C., will join drivers from Southern California and the New York metropolitan area in GM's "Project Driveway" -- the world's largest fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and first comprehensive market test of this innovative technology.

The Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell is an important facet of GM's overall strategy to remove the automobile from the environmental and energy equation. It uses no petroleum and zero greenhouse gases are released. The only emission is clean water vapor.

Over the next two months, Albert and Williams will be putting their test vehicles through the paces of everyday commutes and the wear and tear of real world use. Their candid feedback on their experiences, provided in exchange for use of the test vehicles, will help GM's Chevrolet division refine the technology and marketing plans - speeding the availability of electric vehicles and other advanced technologies to the public.

"GM's advanced propulsion strategy is to offer a broad range of clean and efficient vehicles, powered by various energy sources to address societal needs to reduce our reliance on oil and meet the needs of our customers," said Henderson.

"By putting these advanced technology vehicles in the driveways of families around the country, we're gaining valuable insight into driver experiences which is essential to making hydrogen-powered electric vehicles a part of our solution."

More than 61,000 customers have identified themselves as potential Project Driveway participants through the Fuel Solutions site on Most volunteers say they want to participate as a way to help shape the future of automobiles and be a part of the solution to environmental concerns and our nation's dependency on petroleum.

Tom Albert said that he hopes his experience with the Chevy Equinox electric vehicle will help replace the gasoline engine with better alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cell technology. "It's exciting to be a part of something much bigger that has the potential to change what fuels America's cars."

Williams agrees. "I see Project Driveway as a way to make a difference and provide some meaningful benefit to the environment," Williams says.

Over the next two years, more than 100 Chevrolet Equinox electric vehicles will be given to a variety of drivers, from community leaders, celebrities and government officials to the general public.

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D.C. Drivers Help Electric Vehicles Become a Reality
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