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Ontario transport minister would like no emission electric cars on roads

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Transportation Minister Jim Bradley says he'd like to see electric cars with zero greenhouse gas emissions approved for use on Ontario roads.

ZENN Motor Company, a Toronto firm which manufacturers small, low-speed electric cars in Quebec, has been trying to get the vehicles approved for use in Ontario.

ZENN stands for zero emissions, no noise, which perfectly describes the nearly silent urban cars, which can go up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Bradley says he wants to meet with ZENN's executives himself and have Ministry of Transportation staff work with the company to address any outstanding safety issues.

ZENN cars have received the National Safety Mark from Transport Canada, approving them for use in the country, but each province has its own standards and Bradley says there are still safety issues to be resolved.

British Columbia is the only jurisdiction in Canada so far to introduce regulations to allow low-speed vehicles on streets, but ZENN cars are legal to drive in many American states.

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Ontario transport minister would like no emission electric cars on roads
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