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Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Registration

By Paul Rogers (

One of the many concerns you have when you own a car or a truck is having your vehicle registration up to date. This is renewable every year, or every few years, depending on your state. Most states use this as a form of revenue, and you cannot operate a motor vehicle without it. You will get a form and a sticker for your car or truck to indicate that your vehicle registration is up to date, and paid in full.

In states like Pennsylvania, the registration is required to be renewed once a year. You must get your vehicle registration the moment you buy a new or used car or truck. When you register a new vehicle, you have to have the dealer or a notary public help you. The information and stickers will then be mailed to your home. In the meantime, you will get a temporary registration sticker to put in your back window.

If you live in a state like New York, you may be able to pay for vehicle registration every few years. The cost will depend on the weight and use of your car or truck. The fee goes towards road repairs and other like expenses the state may have. In New York, most of this is done at the DMV, and can be taken care of quite easily.

If you lapse on your vehicle registration, you will have a short grace period to get it paid and renewed. Don’t take too long however, because this grace period is often very short. If you are pulled over by a police officer, and your vehicle registration is expired, you are facing a fine or two. In some cases, they consider a car with an expired registration as possibly being a stolen one.  

When you are running short on time, or can’t seem to get in to get your registration renewed on time, you can renew it online in some cases. Pennsylvania, and many other states, have a website just for this purpose. You pay for your vehicle registration via credit card and you can print out a temporary registration. Within a few weeks, you will get new stickers for your car. If you want to go this route, do it early to avoid lapses in your registration.

Keep in mind you may have to pay more for your registration if you are living in one state and registering your vehicle in another. This happens when you have moved temporarily, but wish to maintain your residence in your home state. You can find information on this and other situations online on your state’s website.

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Vehicle Registration
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