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Buy A Mini Cooper

By Paul Rogers (

It amazes me how many people want to buy a Mini Cooper these days. I guess that, living in San Francisco, buying a Mini Cooper does have its advantages. You are much more likely to be able to fit in one of the few and precious parking spaces which the city has to offer, for one thing. In addition to that, if you buy a Mini Cooper, you will be able to fit more seamlessly through the weaving and dodging of traffic amongst the crazy California drivers.

And of course, there is no better way to ensure that you look young and fashionable than buying a mini cooper. But still, the whole thing seems a bit like a stupid trend to me. Maybe this is just my opinion, but the Mini Cooper just seems to be overrated, and overpriced to me.

I had a friend about a year ago who decided to buy a Mini Cooper, and his experiences certainly do a lot to back up my own opinions. He had a bit of money to throw around, having cashed in big time on the whole dot com boom before it all went bust, and he decided to buy a Mini Cooper  with some of his dough. I have to tell you that, in truth, since that day he has regretted that decision. Not only has his Mini been expensive to maintain, but it breaks down practically all the time.

Before this, my friend had been a sensible Honda driver, and so his repair bills were always quite modest, but since buying a Mini Cooper, they have really gone through the roof. And for such a little car, I have heard that the mileage is not that great either.

The silliest thing about my friend's decision to buy a Mini Cooper has to do with his build. The dude is over six feet tall, and has long legs to boot. Maybe a short, skinny, British girl might look fashionable in her Mini Cooper, but my big, hulking galoot of a friend looks just outright absurd in it, and that is no joke.

He can barely fit in his little stylish car, and when he gets out, has to spend the first twenty minutes or so just stretching his legs and getting them to work again. You would think that he would have considered this before deciding to buy a Mini Cooper, but he never did. Some people just are not practical.

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