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Used Car Buying Guide 2005

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By Consumer Reports

The experts at Consumer Reports help take the risk out of buying a used car.

Buying a used car is a greater risk than buying a new one, but can also be the best automotive deal around if the proper homework is done. The 2005 edition of Used Car Buying Guide helps minimize risks by steering readers toward the better-performing and more reliable models and away from those with a troubled past or substandard performance. It is best to be armed with as much information as possible before stepping onto a used car lot, and this book will provide everything needed, including:
- How to navigate the entire buying process, from selection to shopping
strategies, negotiation techniques and more
- Details about all the checks necessary to perform on a car, whether or not a mechanic is
- Lists of the best and the worst vehicles and how to avoid a lemon
- Making sense of safety information

A major part of this book is devoted to the profiles of 256 cars and trucks, presenting all major 1997-2004 models. Each profile contains a photo from the representative year, a write-up of the vehicle, reliability history, crash-test data, and the model years when key safety gear was added and when a major redesign was made.

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Used Car Buying Guide 2005
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