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Free Online Credit Report

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Free Online Credit Report

By: Aron Russell

Taking charge of your own credit is an important step to ensuring a strong financial future.  Something that everyone should do occasionally regardless of their credit history is to take a look at their free online credit report.

A free online credit report details your current and past financial situation.  It reveals both your current debts along with any debt you carried in recent years.  It also shows if you’ve missed any payments.  

Everyone is rated on their free online credit report depending on several factors.  It is this rating that can determine whether or not you qualify for more debt.  When you are looking at purchasing something large such as a vehicle or a home, this rating plays a major part in the borrowing agency’s decision making process.  A bad score on your free online credit report can mean difficulty when it comes to taking on more debt.

Although it’s very likely that your free online credit report will contain correct information errors do occur.  If you do notice any mistakes on your free online credit report than you should work to correct it as soon as possible.

This can generally be done by contacting the company that has reported the incorrect information on your free online credit report.  Collect all of the necessary information including all payments you’ve made and when they were made.  If your free online credit report shows an outstanding debt that you have paid, be prepared to show them documentation that you did indeed pay the debt.

The information contained in your free online credit report is generally very current.  Therefore when you ask a company to fix an error, the correction will show quickly.

Most free online credit reports are actually offered as a bonus when you sign up for some type of financial service.  One of the most popular new services online is free credit monitoring.  When you order this service the company will supply you will your free online credit report for signing up.  They will also monitor your credit activity for a fee each month.  Many people feel this is a valuable service in light of all the identity theft that is taking place.

It never hurts to check your free online credit report to see where you stand.  You might be pleasantly surprised by how well you’ve done with managing your debts.  If your credit score isn’t where you want it to be there’s no time like the present to change that.  

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Free Online Credit Report
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