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Volvo recalls 42,000 trucks in North America

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STOCKHOLM (AP) _ Swedish bus and truck maker AB Volvo said Thursday it is recalling 42,000 trucks in North America because of defective inlet pipes that could cause fires in the engine compartment.

The recall, concerning Volvo's VN and VHD models, comes after what the company said were ``cases of heat damage'' in engine compartments as a result of inlet pipes that could crack or break.

Volvo said two cases of fires had been reported, but that no one was injured in the incidents.

``If these pipes are not repaired or replaced, components in the engine compartments may be exposed to hot exhaust gases. This might lead to a fire,'' the company said.

Volvo Trucks North America will replace any damaged parts and also install a heat shield on all trucks, the company said.

The Swedish truckmaker is unrelated to the automaker Volvo, which is part of Ford Motor Co.

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Volvo recalls 42,000 trucks in North America
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