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Toyota Announces Organizational Changes

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Toyota City—TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces today organizational changes to take effect on January 1, 2010, as outlined below.

1. Organizational Changes

1) Main objectives
To reinforce necessary functions and implement organizational changes that contribute to more efficient organizational operations to better respond to priority issues of each individual field and group.

2) Changes

A. Business Development Group

The Business Development Div. and the Marine Business Div. will be reorganized into the Business Development Div. and the Marine & Unit Business Div.

Business Development Div.
Business Development Div.
Marine Business Div.
Marine & Unit Business Div.

To consolidate the unit sales functions of the Business Development Div. and the Marine Business Div. in the Marine Business Div. and rename the organization to use resources effectively and increase the efficiency of the unit business.

B. Purchasing Group

The Purchasing Planning Dept., the Global Purchasing Promotion Div. and a portion of the functions of the Body Parts Purchasing Div. will be reorganized into the Purchasing Administration Dept. and the Purchasing Planning Div.

Purchasing Planning Dept.
Purchasing Administration Dept.
Global Purchasing Promotion Div.
Purchasing Planning Div.
Body Parts Purchasing Div.*

To consolidate and centralize the Purchasing Group's administration functions in the Purchasing Administration Dept. and its planning functions (e.g., medium- to long-term purchasing policies and cost reduction strategies) in the Purchasing Planning Div. to strengthen global strategies and project management.  Also, to consolidate and streamline domestic and foreign buyer-support functions in the Purchasing Planning Div. and to expand, reinforce and develop buyer resources.

C. Japan Sales Operations Group

The Japan Advertising & Marketing Div. will be eliminated and its functions will be transferred to a newly established TMC subsidiary Toyota Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.

Japan Advertising & Marketing Div.
Toyota Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.

(newly established TMC subsidiary)

To create a focus on marketing activities that target the Japanese market to reinforce marketing activities.

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Toyota Announces Organizational Changes
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