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Tata Motors vehicle sales at 45,056 nos., up 44.5%

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Tata Motors reported a total sale of 45,056 vehicles (including exports) for the month of July 2006, a growth of 44.5% over 31,173 vehicles sold in July last year. Cumulative sales for the company at 1,71,210 nos. are growing by 44.3%.

Commercial Vehicles
The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in July 2006 in the domestic market were 21,534 nos., an increase of 54.3% over 13,957 vehicles sold in July last year. M&HCV sales were at 12,139 nos, a growth of 51.5% over last July, while LCV sales were 9,395 nos., a growth of 58% over last July.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 84,676 nos., an increase of 65.4% over the corresponding period last year. Cumulative M&HCV sales were at 48,746 nos., an increase of 62.5% over last year, while cumulative LCV sales for the fiscal were 35,930 nos., an increase of 70% over last year.

Passenger Vehicles
The passenger vehicle business reported a total sale of 18,238 vehicles in the domestic market in July 2006, an increase of 40.4% over last July. The Indica sold 11,941 nos., a growth of 62% over last July. The Indigo family registered sales of 2,589 nos., a decline of 16.5% over last July. The Sumo and Safari accounted for sales of 3,708 nos., a growth of 46.8% over last July, with Safari registering its highest ever monthly sale of 1,229 nos.

Cumulative sales of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 67,694 nos., an increase of 25% over the previous year. Cumulative sales of Indica at 44,664 nos. registered a growth of 38% over the previous year, while cumulative sales of the Indigo family at 10,905 nos. registered a decline of 8.7% over last year, lower than the decline of the entry mid-size segment this fiscal. Cumulative sales of Sumo and Safari were 12,125 nos., a growth of 22.9% over last year.

The company's sales from exports were 5,284 vehicles in July 2006 as compared to 4,220 vehicles last July, an increase of 25.2%. The cumulative sales from exports in the current period at 18,390 nos. have recorded a 38.3% growth over the corresponding figures for the previous period.

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Tata Motors vehicle sales at 45,056 nos., up 44.5%
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