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Renault Mégane by Fernando Alonso

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Renault is celebrating the return of Fernando Alonso and the success of Renault Mégane with an international advertising campaign

• Fernando Alonso chose Renault Mégane F1 Team for its top-level reliability and
outstanding performance, comparable to a Formula One car

• With more than 13,000 units sold in 40 countries in 2007, sales of Renault Sport
and Renault F1 Team cars (Mégane and Clio) doubled in one year

• Renault has built more nearly 7.5 million Méganes since launch in 1995

Fernando Alonso is back at Renault, once again racing for Renault F1 Team. With its “We all feel something special when we buy a new car” baseline, the new international ad campaign has a mischievous, easy-going feel, underlined by the use of the song “Cheek to Cheek”, by Fred Astaire for the TV commercial. In the ad, Fernando Alonso is getting ready to leave his hotel but is waylaid by a series of chance encounters. Throughout them all, he retains the attitude of a true gentleman and the winning smile of a man who has it all. He finally leaves
the hotel in his Renault Mégane F1 Team, looking happy and satisfied.

Since launch in 1995, Renault has sold nearly 7.5 million units of Renault Mégane, which has become a benchmark in the compact family car segment for its reliability and performance.

Renault’s link with Fernando Alonso demonstrates its ambition to position itself as a full-line manufacturer with a sporty image. The objective is fourfold:

- Express the brand’s human and enthusiastic values
- Apply racing values to its production cars
- Give customers access to motor sport
- Unify and gain the loyalty of owners of sporty Renault cars

The international advertising campaign for Renault Mégane by Fernando Alonso was released in Spain on March 14 and is being launched in nearly 10 other countries.

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Renault Mégane by Fernando Alonso
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