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Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO) expands scope

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s it celebrates its seventh anniversary, RNPO expands its scope and will cover 90% of the Alliance purchasing turnover. RNPO purchases will reach EUR60 billion (USD94.7 billion and JPY9.4 trillion) in 2008 compared to EUR58 billion (USD91.5 billion and JPY9.1 trillion) in 2007.

From April 1, 2008, the Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization expands its activities to cover all purchasing of after sales parts and accessories and will now reach 90% of the Alliance purchasing turnover, against 83% previously. RNPO is now responsible for 100% of Renault and Nissan’s parts purchases.

This April, RNPO celebrates its seventh anniversary. Established in April 2001, RNPO was the first Alliance joint-company to be created. Acting as a single purchasing organization for both Renault and Nissan, RNPO has accelerated purchasing performance by implementing a global management system within the Alliance. Focused on purchasing competitiveness through quality, cost and delivery, RNPO is a key competitive advantage for both partners. Going forward, RNPO is now actively supporting the next wave of global investment for the Alliance through such projects as the new plants in India and Morocco.

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Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO) expands scope
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