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Porsche Makes a Fresh Start in North America

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Porsche AG, Stuttgart, managed to deliver 2,810 vehicles in North America in June in difficult market conditions; of these, 2,650 units were destined for the USA and 160 for Canada. The drop of 19 percent in total in comparison with the previous year was primarily down to the change of 911 Carrera model. As a result, sales of the whole 911 range in June fell by 40 percent to 753 vehicles due to the vehicle life cycle. After the presentation of the new 911 Carrera models with lower fuel consumption direct fuel injection and the new double-clutch gearbox, Porsche is making a fresh start for the coming financial year: the new models will be ready to take on the North American market from September and October this year.

In the month under review, the Cayenne range sold a total of 1,212 vehicles in the USA and Canada. The slight drop of four percent on the previous year’s figures is down to the fact that the second generation Cayenne was launched in North America a year ago and initial sales were correspondingly high. 845 vehicles were sold in the Boxster range (down ten percent), including 451 Cayman and Cayman S.

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Porsche Makes a Fresh Start in North America
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