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Porsche Holds its Own in North America

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Despite the increasingly poor economic outlook, sales by
Porsche AG, Stuttgart, in the USA and Canada in April 2008 show a good result: Deliveries of 3,099 vehicles to customers were only 5 percent below the previous year’s figure of 3,248 units. The driving force behind this development was the second generation of the Cayenne SUV with its lower fuel consumption engine remaining in great demand among customers. Demand was particularly great for the Cayenne GTS introduced only recently in March, deliveries of this model alone amounting to 472 units, with the other models in the Cayenne series also maintaining a strong position, accounting for customer deliveries of 827 units. In all, customer deliveries of the Cayenne in April were up 21 percent to 1,299 units.

Deliveries of the 911 to customers in the USA and Canada in the month under review amounted to 970 units, that is 26 percent less than in the previous year. The Boxster series, finally, accounted for 819 deliveries, a decrease by 6 percent year-on-year. Within this model series, 402 of the units sold were the Boxster and Boxster S.

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Porsche Holds its Own in North America
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