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200,000th Cayenne rolls off the assembly line

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Right at the beginning of the New Year, Porsche AG, Stuttgart, celebrated a special production jubilee: employees at the Leipzig plant put the finishing touches to the 200,000th Cayenne. The automobile, a red GTS, will be delivered to a customer in the Middle East. The Cayenne GTS is a distinctly sporting variant of the series with a 298 kW (405 PS) V8-Motor and special driving dynamics.

It is not quite a year since Porsche launched the second Cayenne generation onto the market in February 2007. The new models with their higher-performance engines are equipped with direct gasoline injection, and their fuel consumption is up to 15 per cent lower. Customers are showing a corresponding degree of interest: in the first half of the business year 2007/08 (January 31, 2008), unit sales are expected to have risen to approximately 20,340 vehicles, doubling the equivalent figure for the previous year.

The USA is still the most important market for the Cayenne, with about
30 per cent of vehicles being sold there. Thanks to the Cayenne, Porsche continues to achieve high growth rates in China, Russia, Latin America and the Middle East countries.

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200,000th Cayenne rolls off the assembly line
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