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Porsche cuts Canadian prices: `cannot ignore' cross border difference

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Porsche, facing an uprising among its well-heeled and well-informed clientele, said Tuesday it is lowering Canadian prices on 2008 models by an average of about eight per cent.

``We cannot ignore our customers and dealers in Canada who can look to the U.S. and recognize a substantial price difference,'' stated Peter Schwarzenbauer, president of Porsche Cars North America Inc.

Including improvements in equipment, he said, the typical price decrease amounts to 10 per cent.

``We listened to the market and did what is best for our customers in Canada.''

Amid outraged tales of prices being higher in Canada than in the U.S. by 30 per cent or more as the Canadian dollar approached parity with the American currency, Porsche said its suggested base retail price for a new Boxster roadster is $58,100, compared with $63,600 for the 2007 model.

A base Cayenne SUV is $55,200, down from $60,100, while a Cayman coupe drops to $63,500 from $69,600 and a 911 Turbo gets marked down to $158,300 from $170,700

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Porsche cuts Canadian prices: `cannot ignore' cross border difference
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