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2008 Automotive News PACE Award

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Xanavi Informatics Corporation, and Sony Corporation were jointly awarded 2008 Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence)Award (Product category) for the development and commercialization of the Around View Monitor.

The prestigious PACE Awards recognize automotive suppliers for their innovation and technological achievements.

In addition, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Awarded 2008 Automotive News PACE "Collaborator Award" together with Xanavi and Sony for excellent technology innovation as well as the collaboration with their suppliers.

The Around View Monitor synthesizes a bird's eye image of the vehicle and its surroundings using four ultra wide-angle high resolution cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. This world's first Around View Monitor is designed to make parking easier through greater visibility of the surrounding environment. This Around View Monitor system integrates technologies developed by Nissan, Xanavi and Sony.

Nissan initiated the research for the Around View Monitor concept in 2005, and had sought the collaboration with Xanavi and Sony to commercialize the technology. Sony had developed the ultra wide-angle, high resolution 1.3 mega-pixel camera, while Xanavi developed the software that processed the "bird's eye view" image map using the data captured from each of the cameras.

The Around View Monitor was first introduced in October 2007 in Japan on the Nissan Elgrand minivan, followed by the Serena minivan in December. In North America, the Around View Monitor was introduced on the Infiniti EX35 luxury crossover in December.

The PACE Award recognizes the culmination of three years of collaborative research and development resulted in the commercialization of the world's first Around View Monitor technology.

Award ceremony

Around View Monitor

Around View Monitor

<Award ceremony:From left>
Masatoshi Kawano, Senior General Manager Business & Professonal System Business Division. B2B Solutions Business Group. Sony Corporation 
Robert C. Sump, Vice President, Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc. Hiroyasu Kan, Executive Vice President, Xanavi Informatics Corporation 

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2008 Automotive News PACE Award
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