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Lexus RX 2007

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The new Lexus RX 2007 features a number of amenities combined with a sleek, innovative design.  It’s integrated front foglamps improve visibility while it’s 17-inch alloy wheels and privacy glass add to it’s modern styling.  

A number of highlighted features are available, including the Adaptive Front Lighting system, which enables the driver to increase visibility and reduce the glare toward oncoming traffic.  The optional use of the laser cruise control feature employs innovative new technology to monitor the distance between the RX and the vehicle ahead.  Upon assessment, the laser cruise control will continually adjust the speed in order to maintain the proper preset following distance.  If the vehicle ahead turns off or changes driving lanes, the laser cruise control resumes the preset cruising speed.  Another safety feature of the new Lexus RX 2007 is the presence of rain-sensing wipers.  A sensor, which is located behind the rearview mirror, is designed to detect rain on the glass and adjust the wiper speeds accordingly.

The interior of the Lexus RX 2007 features accents with a metallic-finish, wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and an optional leather seating.  An automatic dual-zone climate control and air filtration system adds to the comfort of passengers, as well as the driver.  Speaking of comfort, the Lexus DVD Rear-Seat Entertainment System features a DVD player with remote control, wireless headphones and an LCD screen that descends from the interior roofline.  
The Lexus RX 2007 is fully equipped with a V6 engine boasting 270 horsepower and a five-speed automatic electronically controlled transmission.  In addition, the Lexus RX offers front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with an advanced drivertrain and standard vehicle stability control system.  This automobile is a certified Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle II and, to add even more safety options, the Lexus RX 2007 model provides a variety of sensors and airbags.  The included theft-deterrent system features a sophisticated program that immobilizes the engine unless the correct key is used.  Consumers are happy to know that their automobile isn’t going anywhere without them.

Lexus RX 2007

2007 Lexus RX

Lexus RX interior

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Lexus RX 2007
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