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Dacia Logan Steppe Concept

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Dacia Logan Steppe concept: getting away from it all… in all simplicity

Dacia has chosen the 2006 Geneva Motor Show to unveil its first-ever show car
produced by Renault Design. Developed on the theme of snow sports, it
provides a vision of what a leisure vehicle on a Logan base might be.

True to the brand’s reputation for robustness, Dacia Logan Steppe concept features
sturdy body parts. Its colour scheme gives it a convivial feel, while the use
of tech-feel fabrics and sporty materials inside ensures a sense of warmth and
comfort. The car has SUV looks without the frills and combines a long list of
simple yet practical features with an exceptionally bright and spacious interior.
With Dacia Logan Steppe concept, never before have freedom and adventure been
so accessible.

“The finish and aspect of the materials we have employed conjure up the world of snow sports,” explains International Programme Design Director Kenneth Melville. “Their details make the vehicle’s headlamps and accessories blend in more harmoniously. The association of Xenon lights and diodes adds a high-tech touch that also ensures the effectiveness of the headlamps.”
Dacia Logan Steppe

Logan Steppe

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Dacia Logan Steppe Concept
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