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Service operation on Logan Saloon cars

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Renault and Dacia are preparing to carry out a service operation which will
allow their customers to take advantage of the latest technical
improvements carried out in their plants. This service call only concerns
models of Logan Saloon cars manufactured in Romania and Russia up until
the end of 2006.

This operation (an additional injection of protective wax) is to allow customers to
take advantage of technical breakthroughs free of charge, in order to improve their vehicles' protection, especially against climatic attacks.

As it is indicated in the vehicle maintenance log book and the 6-year anti-corrosion warranty, when the vehicles are next serviced, Renault and Dacia will also carry out an anti-corrosion inspection and will perform any necessary servicing. This is because Renault and Dacia, always concerned about the quality of their vehicles, have noticed in some cases the presence of oxidation in the back wheel arch of certain Logan Saloon cars manufactured in Romania and Russia.

This localized oxidation is caused by a water inlet in the back wheel arch, as a
result of manual operations which were not correctly carried out during the
manufacturing process (putty application and/or the positioning of a plug). The
necessary corrective actions have been carried out in-plant, to ensure the best
manufacturing quality, especially during putty application, an operation which
requires dexterity.

These measures will be confirmed in writing to the customers concerned.

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Service operation on Logan Saloon cars
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