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Cadillac Escalades number one stolen vehicle

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Owners of Cadillac Escalades would be well advised to park in a safe spot, lock it up -- and make sure the insurance is paid.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Escalade is number one on the list of theft claims in the U-S.

That's according to the U-S Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which says there's a lot for the bad guys to like.

Along with the rear-seat D-V-D systems, the Escalade is marketed as a hip car, driven by everyone from T-V gangster Tony Soprano to rappers and N-F-L stars.

Rounding out the top three on the hot list for thieves are the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Dodge Ram 15-hundred quad cab pickup.

On the flip side, the Ford Taurus is ranked as the least stolen car.

Crooks also aren't so hot for the Pontiac Vibe, or Buick LeSabres and Park Avenues.


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Cadillac Escalades number one stolen vehicle
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