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Audi China

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Audi is the undisputed number one among companies offering premium automobiles in China. The company with the four-ring emblem delivered 58,878 vehicles (including Hong Kong) to customers in 2005.* This represents an increase of 9.6 %. A total of 10,768 Audi A4 models (up 9.1 %) and 45,176 models of the A6L, the Chinese version of the Audi A6 (up 8.2 %) were produced for the Chinese market in the context of the FAW-VW joint venture. In terms of imports (2,934 vehicles, up 40.5 %) the Audi A8 recorded significant growth (up 75.1 %) to 2,108 vehicles.

Ralph Weyler, Audi Board Member for Marketing and Sales, commented, "This result represents a tremendous success for us. We are continuing to make good progress. Before the end of the year we will have launched more models �" including the A4 Cabriolet and the Audi Q7 �" on the Chinese market." With the new standardised sales structure, Audi will be able to increase its sales volume significantly through the current total of around 120 exclusive Audi Centres.

China is the third-largest export market for Audi, and the biggest export market for the A6 saloon. 70 % of all vehicle sales are to private customers. Audi has been present in China since 1988.

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Audi China
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