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Alfa Spider

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The new Alfa Romeo Spider is an automobile that encompasses the entire history of ‘open-tops’ in one single design.  It’s way ahead of time with it’s sleek, ultra-modern styling that combines with it’s technological advancement engines. 

A sports car that craves the open road, the Alfa Spider provides an intense driving experience with it’s powerful, elastic engines that deliver amazing acceleration.  The Alfa Spider’s sleek curves and strong elements of speed and power have attracted the attention of many auto enthusiasts.  With headlights set like gemstones in the finest jewelry and body styling that is unmistakable, this automobile is arguably the sports car of the future.

The interior is equally impressive with a wrap-around dashboard and console that turns toward the driver to create an environment with ease of movement and controls within close reach. 

All Alfa Romeo Spider engines are available with the choice of personalized blue style or red style interiors.  The Alfa Spider 2.0 Twin Spark is a comfortable, but strong model that is not lacking in safety.  The 2.0 Alfa Spider features both driver and passenger airbags, ABS and a Fire Prevention System.  The interior features an adjustable leather steering wheel, super soft cloth upholstered seats, electric windows, central locking and 16-inch light alloy wheels.  The 3.2 V6 24V Alfa Spider features all amenities in other versions, but with the addition of a six-speed gearbox, front spoiler, red painted brake caliper, and leather upholstery. 

Alfa Romeo Spider

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Alfa Spider
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