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License Plate Tags

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License Plate Tags

By: Michael Bailey

Many people find something that they enjoy collecting. For some it’s stamps or for others it’s about rare or unusual coins. License tags have become a favorite item that is collected by hobbyists. Collectors of license tags collect antique tags, specialty tags, as well as attempting to collect license plate tags from each and every state.

There is even a club for those who collect license plate tags, known as The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. This particular club boasts approximately 3,000 members from 50 states and 19 different countries. With such numbers, it is easy to see that license tag collecting is widely enjoyed by many people.       

Novelty items are often the focus of many collectors. You can also find license plate tags that fall into this category. These are not issued by an agency, but rather purchased by individuals who wish to add a bit of personalization to their vehicles. Novelty license plate tags come in many different colors and offer a variety of designs. You can match them to your vehicles color; add a name or design that has special meaning for you. There are many small stores that specialize in novelty license plate tags, with most of them being located within large shopping malls and centers.  

Each shop usually has its own unique way pf personalizing the tags; some use airbrush techniques while others use stenciling work. Some shops offer pre-made designs that can be chosen from a display wall, and then put onto a tag of your choice. License plate tags also are generally mounted within a frame, which makes it easier to attach to a vehicle. The license tags frame can be virtually almost any color, and some of them even feature flashing lights! When you use one of these on your vehicle it is sure to get noticed.

Another fun way to collect them is to bring one back whenever you travel to a far off locale. If you do this you’ll soon have an international selection of license plate tags to display. You will be amazed at how different each one is when it’s manufactured in another country or state. You may choose to display these so people who come to your home or office can share them with you.

Whether you collect only a certain type of tag or you want a variety you can pick and choose until you have all of the ones you want. It’s a fun and interesting method of collecting that’s very different from what traditional hobbyists like.

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License Plate Tags
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