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License Plate Frame

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License Plate Frame

By: Michael Bailey

If you want a unique way to express yourself consider choosing a license plate frame for your vehicle. You might not realize though all of the different options of color and style that you have when placing a license plate frame on your car, truck or van. Know your options, so you can pick the just right style for you.  

You can find a great selection in specialty auto shops, and over the Internet. Prices vary according to what type of license plate frame you want. The frame material comes in plastic, aluminum, and chrome. Different accents to the metal plates can be added on for an additional price, like barbed wire. Chrome can have splashes of color too made into it, and plastic frames come in just about any color you can imagine. Gold is another popular color of license plate frame that you just might like too.

Practice being artistic by ordering online because there are several places that you can design your license frame. Most Internet online store fronts give you the options on color with special designs like flags, dogs, sports teams, or even patriotic designs. Some sites even give you the choice to have your own unique sayings, or provide different quotes by the famous and infamous printed on your license plate frame. You can have full color graphics printed on your license plate frame with clarity, and no one will have to squint to see it either.

You’ll need to know that there are new laws that have been passed that prohibit your frame design from interfering with your license plate information. It would be bad to get your new license plate frame, and then to be pulled over with blue lights and fined for frame interference. Make sure that you order your frame the correct size, so it won’t obstruct the view of plate. If it’s too small it covers letters and numbers, if it’s too large, it could move and cover numbers too.

Quality means a lot unless you like changing out your frame frequently. Cheaper frames will break easily, and don’t have good screws to mount it to your vehicle. If you want to buy a quality license plate frame purchase one with sturdy chrome steel. Also, look for companies that mount their frame’s wording or art decals with a commercial adhesive. It’s important for you to check out and see if there is a UV and water repellent added over the frame, so it will not rust and your decals won’t fade.

Buying one to project your interests and thoughts to the world is fun. No matter what you’ve got to say you can grab attention on the roadways and highways. It’s hard to imagine that today’s technology lets you say what you mean on a license plate frame.

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License Plate Frame
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