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Keyless Remote

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Keyless Remote

By: Michael Bailey

Since the introduction of the car there have been the infamous car keys. More than anything, car keys are annoying for many reasons. If you’re even thinking about buying a vehicle, you should consider making sure that it comes with a keyless remote. These are amazing for countless reasons, and really do provide you with great benefits.

One of most valuable benefits is how much quicker they are compared to a traditional key. With most keys you’re forced to dig through your purse or pocket for at least 30 seconds, pull it out and shove it into the lock, making sure to have the correct side down. A keyless remote eliminates all that at literally the push of a button. You’ll never have to race to get into your car again.

They are also very simple to use. Unlike regular car keys and other locking mechanisms, a keyless remote is not complicated at all. By just pushing the unlock button, you’re able to slide into your car or truck without the least amount of resistance from your device. With a keyless remote, you won’t have to worry about programming or installation because they generally come with the vehicle.

You can also save money using this entry system for your vehicle. Everyone at some point has lost their key and has been forced to go to a dealership and have their key replaced and remade. To you that might not seem like a big deal, but remember, you’re not only having to waste money, but gas as well. With a keyless remote you’ll never have to have it replaced because it’s almost impossible to lose.

With this type of system on your car you’re ensuring your own safety and wellbeing. With the crime rate sky rocketing the way it is, it’s become more and more dangerous to be out, especially late at night. Because a keyless remote works much faster than traditional keys, you’ll be able to get into your car quicker. This becomes very important and handy if someone happens to be chasing you, or you feel threatened in some way. By retreating to the safety of your vehicle at a faster pace, you might have just saved your life.

Aside from these great perks, this system provides additional benefits too. Many cars with a keyless remote come with extras, in addition to locking and unlocking your doors. Besides a truck opening button, almost every keyless remote system is equipped with a panic alarm. Depending on the strength of your signal, these remotes can generally work from a distance of about 50 to 75 feet away from your car. This makes getting where you need to go much easier. Over all, this handy device is helpful in so many ways; it makes you wonder why it didn’t come along sooner.

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Keyless Remote
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