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Factory Car Stereo

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Factory Car Stereo

By: Aron Russell

One of the most important features of any vehicle is the stereo system. Well, that’s true if you’re a teenager or an adult who loves their tunes. Factory car stereo features in newer model vehicles include CD changers, MP3 players, DVD players, LCD displays with touch screen controls, amplifiers, satellite and Internet connections, and countless other options.

The sound quality that you ultimately hear is mainly determined by the car speakers. Most speakers will be 2-way or 3-way and provide the crisp quality you’re looking for. Component speaks are also an option if you’re designing a complete audio system.

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy a $30,000 car just to enjoy a high quality factory car stereo system. You can purchase portable radios, CD players, DVD players, MP3 players and complete audio systems for your vehicle separately. Depending on the list of features prices can range up to $800.00 but also be as low $80.00. Most stereos come with a detachable faceplate and are transferable to older vehicles. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new car just to drive in style. A clean car with a booming sound system is just as impressive.

However, many music lovers prefer to build their own sound system and are looking for the services of a technician who specializes in stereo repair or rebuilding. Why buy a new factory car stereo when you can create your own from the parts you already have?  

Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, vendors can repair a factory car stereo for you. Some companies specializing in parts related to car stereos are locally based and charge a flat fee for the repair or re-creation of a new stereo system. They might also sell replacement parts to those who want to tinker around with their factory car stereo personally and save money on repairs.

Online vendors are located all around the country and will offer to replace parts or totally repair your factory car stereo for you if you send the merchandise. Many companies realizing the security risks and hoping to put potential customers at ease offer referrals, warranties, and official affiliations, such as the Better Business Bureau. Warranties for legitimate online companies are attractive, with some agreeing not to charge you if the stereo or equipment is not repairable. The vendor might also sell instructions on how to remove a factory car stereo from a vehicle. 

The Internet can be a useful resource for all your jamming needs when it comes to finding information on how to buy a factory car stereo or how to repair one.

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Factory Car Stereo
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